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How To - Adding an IP Address to your PC to Access Spotter Devices

Merritt Rysavy


This guide will provide instructions for accessing Spotter devices through their default IP addresses. 


  • A PC with network connection to the Spotter device

  • The default IP must be enabled within the network settings of the Spotter device

  • Spotter device is installed per applicable Quickstart Guide


By default, all Spotter devices have the default IP enabled.



NOTE: If you have multiple Spotter devices on the same network and you attempt to access their default IP's you will encounter IP conflicts.

To mitigate this, isolate the device you are attempting to access from other Spotter devices of the same type.

Step 1: Change Your Adapter Settings

Windows 10:

  • Go to Settings > Network and Internet > Status > Change Adapter Options

  • This will bring up the Network Connections in the Control Panel, from here right click on the adapter you are using to connect to the NIO/radar and select Properties

  • Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

  • Click Use the following IP address 

  • Set your IP address to fall under the same subnet as the default IP for your device

    • NIO: 169.254.0.(2-253)

    • Radar169.254.254.(2-253) 

  • Set the subnet mask to

    • NOTE: Default Gateway can be left blank

  • Click OK to save and close each dialog box individually

NOTE: Other platforms (Mac, Linux, etc.) will function similarly - navigate to the requisite network settings and apply the IP changes mentioned above. 

Step 2: Access Your Device and Set a Static IP

Once your adapter settings are updated on your PC, your device is now accessible through any web browser (Google Chrome is recommended). Once there you can assign a static IP to your device under the Network tab located on the devices settings page.


  • Go to Network > Radar Address

  • After setting your radar's IP address select Save at the bottom of the page


  • Select the Gear ⚙️ icon on the top right corner

  • Select the Settings  icon from the main menu

  • Go to Networking > Static Address

  • After setting your NIO's IP address select Save Network at the bottom of the Network Settings section


The Spotter devices are now accessible via default IP address and the set static IP address.

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