According to the FAA, 1,000+ dangerous incidents occur yearly on U.S. airport runways and increases 9% every year.


Internationally, the aviation industry as a whole continues to grow and expand at a rapid rate. The demand for additional flights and destinations puts a strain on existing airports to increase efficiency and to move more people and cargo safely and reliably. Critical movement areas such as taxis and runways, now more than ever have become increasingly dangerous areas to operate. Even with good policies and procedures, airports are reporting more and more incursion events each year. Safety has been on the top 10 list of priorities for the Safety Board since 1990 and it will continue to be a priority as it must be done to protect human life.

The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) is just one of the many groups that have been outspoken in regards to this issue.”.. the risk of a runway incursion event that could kill hundreds of people in a single accident is real and growing larger.” ALPA (March 2007). Runway Incursions A Call for Action.

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Drone Airspace

Airport Surface Detection Equipment (ASDE) has been around for many years to help track and control traffic. However, expanded ground monitoring equipment expenditure has not always matched the increased growth. Technology must be made available to airports to augment their existing systems and support growing operational needs. “It isn’t enough to track the aircraft and cars. We want to track the intruders who jumped the fence and tried to jump in the wheel well of the plane. We want to see the animals that get on the runways at night. We want to see the drones that are breaching our airspace near the ILS (Instrument Landing System).” - Undisclosed Airport Operations Manager.


Seconds can make a difference. Spotter Global provides operators with a 24/7 all-weather monitoring solution that will augment their current systems to detect activity both inside and outside of the AOA (Airport Operations Area). Through our growing catalog of radars, diagnostic platform, an expanding list of 3rd party integrations, Spotter offers customizable solutions that meet customer requirements. 

Detecting inside the entire interior as well as the exterior of the perimeter, Spotter radars are perfect for providing forensic evidence (video verified alarms) of intruders and suspicious behavior. With an open design and already existing integrations to all major VMS platforms and surveillance equipment, airports spend less time, money, and resources to secure their perimeters.

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