Overwater Protection

Harbor, Port, and Coastal Security Radar suited for fixed and mobile applications.


Intrusion Protection Over Water

We'd like to thank our friends at Securify AB for creating and sharing this video with us. This video will show an example of a layered, over-water protection system.

Waterside Threats

From major ports to high-value property assets, the increase of land, water, and aerial threats are a growing concern around the world.  

The Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) for ports, harbors, coastline, cruise ships, and military marine assets focus on conventional threats like suicide boaters or unauthorized entry. Spotter Global can provide maritime awareness to protect assets by optimizing overwater surveillance.
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Coastal Security Applications

Spotter radar series are currently used for seaport security surveillance around the world. Spotter can be part of a layered approach using a camera, radar, fence line, and VMS systems that monitor small vessels, people, vehicles, drones, boats, and large ships in maritime environments.  

Spotter Global Overwater Applications:

  • Inlets & Water Channels

  • Sea Ports

  • Dams

  • Fish Farms

  • Dockside

  • Harbors

  • Bridges

  • High-Value Assets

Maritime Radar Advantages

  • All-weather conditions that can withstand hurricane-force winds

  • IP67 Rating

  • Low power requirements

  • Ability to be solar-powered

  • Can easily adjust for changing water levels

  • SPOTTERai Artificial Intelligence can classify small boats, medium boats, large boats, birds, drones, and people

  • Cover more area with fewer sensors which save costs

  • Slew to cue integration with cameras and deterrents

  • Integration with existing VMS systems

Odoo • Text and Image