The combination of software and hardware that’s easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to integrate. 
Command and Control Software that plays well with others.

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NetworkedIO with SPOTTERai Automatic Track Classification: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the automatic classification of targets.

NetworkedIO Virtual Machine integrates multiple Spotter radars and PTZ cameras using a geo-referenced user interface that works right from your browser.

Set Up and Get Started Quickly

NetworkedIO hardware and software work in tandem to create seamless interaction with PTZ cameras and more. Simply install the hardware, open the NetworkedIO interface in your web browser, set alert zones and alerts, then sit back and relax. 

SPOTTERai is an automatic track classification included as part of the NIO software that ensures a trainable neural network that based on low-level radar data automatically assigns a classification type and confidence level for each target. The use of AI and Machine Learning in the NIO assists in reducing false alerts and allows end-users to improve the performance of the system simply by manually selecting the type of targets being tracked and retraining the AI.

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NetworkedIO Specifications

All of our NetworkedIO hardware devices run the same NetworkedIO software platform but each has unique specific advantages to best fit your application.

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Our newest addition, NIO-DIN is an entirely solid-state NIO capable of supporting up to 25 devices. It is DIN-rail mounted and can support AI training and RTSP streaming. This portable NIO can be deployed in control boxes at any site and offers the power of a server while being deployed on the edge. This allows for flexible deployment and easy integration to any site, new or existing.

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Like other NetworkedIO appliances, Spotter’s NIO-APL offers a fully-integrated perimeter security solution. Featuring power-redundancy, hardware RAID and powerful hardware, this rack mounted NIO is capable of supporting up to 50 radars or cameras. Its power allows for RTSP streaming and AI training which provides a more information-rich deployment.


NIO-VM allows for NIO to be installed on any machine capable of running virtual machines and meets our minimum specifications. This allows for customers to decide how powerful they would like their server to be, as well as utilize existing servers on a site to host NIO.

Hosted NIO

Spotter Global's hosted NIO allows for your site to be covered by a NIO hosted on our cloud. Using this, your NIO can be accessed from anywhere and there are reduced maintenance and installation costs.

NetworkedIO Specifications

The combination of software and hardware that’s easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to integrate.

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Download: NIO Datasheet