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Integrated Management Center

What Is IMC

Integrated Management Center™ (IMC) is engineered to provide situational awareness for managing an enterprise level Spotter system so that any issues that arise in the system can be quickly identified and addressed. To accomplish this the IMC includes the following:

  • Report of all devices that are online and offline
  • Find the source of any health problem or alarms in two clicks
  • Direct connection to NetworkedIO™ site management devices
  • Reports showing health of the entire system over a period of time
  • Reports showing the pattern of alarms over time and by site and device
  • State-of-the-art TrackRank™ charting for alarm analysis, filtering, data analytics and reporting of alarms
  • Stay in compliance with easy to generate reports showing the health of the entire system


Fast Alerts

Stay in the loop wth fast notifications, ensuring rapid response times.

Classification Breakdown

Understand alarm origins with categories like confirmed hostiles and false alarms.

Interactive Visualization

Zoom, click, and analyze data with intuitive charts for a visual perspective of data.

Direct Site Access

Easily transition from global overviews to site-specific data with one click.

IMC Features

  • Advanced Alarm Management: Visualize alarms. system-wide, with interactive charts to quickly find the source of alarms.
  • Manage All Your Sites From One Location: With IMC it is easy to get a global perspective of your security and see the big picture. Location can be any number of servers, located anywhere in the world and IMC will aggregate the data into one simple graph.
  • TrackRank™ Revolution: A groundbreaking scatter chart system that ranks and illuminates every track of significance over time to find "patterns of life".
  • Rapid Operational Status: Stay updated with the online/offline status of all devices, ensuring continual surveillance and minimal interruptions.
  • Unified Data Tables: Access every piece of data in one centralized location, with export functionalities for seamless integration and compliance audits.
  • Detailed Radar Analysis: Dive deep into radar functionalities with health indicators, providing intricate details on RF return, uptime, and more.

Return on Investment

When there are many sites to secure and hundreds of compact radars and cameras in a system it is impossible to manually check the health of all those devices on a regular basis or shift through a stack of email health alerts to understand what is the state of the system and what needs attention.

IMC makes it possible to find the source of a problem in two clicks. It is the tool that allows Security Managers to address the source of any type of outage, network connectivity or even higher than normal alarm rates in minutes rather than days or weeks.

Stay in compliance by being able to generate health reports.

IMC Server Specifications

  • Cloud Hosted or On Premise (Virtual Machine or Appliance) options
  • VM is compatible with VMware ESXi version 7 or Workstation v17 or above.
Sites Supported VM Resources
1 - 10 6 CPU cores · 32GB RAM · 1TB HD
10 - 50 6-12 CPU cores · 32-64GB RAM · 2-5 TB HD
50 - 100 12 CPU cores · 64-128GB RAM · 5-10 TB HD

IMC Specifications

Download IMC Datasheet