Integrated Management Center (IMC) is specifically engineered to manage an enterprise level Spotter system so that it generates the LOWEST FALSE ALARM RATES in the industry while maintaining the probability of alarming on targets of interest above 90%. To accomplish this the IMC includes the following;

• State-of-the-art TrackRank© charting for threat analysis, filtering, data analytics and reporting of alarms

• Health monitoring of all system components with easy to understand reports

• Regularly scheduled health status and alarm review and reduction by the Certified Spotter Global engineering team

• System firmware and driver updates, ensuring that your technology never goes out of date and your investment shows its value for years to come. 


Advanced Alarm Management: Visualize alarms. system-wide, with interactive charts to quickly find the source of alarms.

Manage All Your Sites From One Location:   With IMC it is easy to get a global perspective of you security and see the big picture. Location can be any number of servers, located anywhere in the world and IMC will aggregate the data into one simple graph. 

Comprehensive Health Metrics: View heat-maps to monitor downtimes, and highlight trouble spots.

TrackRank© Revolution: A groundbreaking scatter chart system that ranks and illuminates every track of significance.

Real-time Operational Status: Stay updated with the online/offline status of all devices, ensuring continual surveillance and minimal interruptions.

Unified Data Tables: Access every piece of data in one centralized location, with export functionalities for seamless integration.

Detailed Radar Analysis: Dive deep into radar functionalities with health indicators, providing intricate details on RF return, uptime, and more.


• Monthly, Quarterly or Semiannual Alarm Review Tune up Schedule

• Prorated/Priority technical support tickets for IMC customers

• Direct Access to Spotter Global Product Development Team

• Estimated false alarms rates down to one per radar per day

• Total system Insights and data analysis reporting 


Through the reduction of false alarms and timely health alerts the IMC delivers a positive return on investment in a simple single line item purchase that covers all the services required to keep a Spotter Enterprise system in optimal condition.


  • Cloud Hosted or On Premise (Virtual Machine or Server). 
  • VM is compatible with VMware ESXi version 7 or above. VM resources based on initial 1 to 10 sites to be supported:
    •  6 CPU cores, 32GB RAM, Hard Drive 2 TB.

VM resources based on initial 10 to 50 sites to be supported:

6-12 CPU cores, 32-64GB RAM, Hard Drive 4-8 TB.

VM resources based on initial 50 to 100 sites to be supported:

  • 12 CPU cores, 64-128GB RAM, Hard Drive 10-20 TB.