Drone Detection

                 Reliable drone detection for urban and rural settings. Protect yourself from aerial threats.

Drone Threat

As the number of drones in use continues to grow around the world, the possibility of drone-related privacy violations and terrorist attacks also increases. Many facilities may have ground perimeter detection installed but without aerial detection, they are completely exposed to a new kind of threat. Additionally, in urban environments airspace is cluttered and visibility limited due to tall buildings, vehicles and other objects.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Spotter Global Solution

Our counter-drone radars can detect a small DJI drone in wide areas and complex urban environments. They can be easily installed on almost any existing infrastructure and be used as part of a mobile radar kit. Our radars integrate well with PTZ cameras and deterrent systems like frequency jammers. They are also simple to set up and use as part of the counter-drone solution so you can stop worrying about threats from above.

Drone Detection Application