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Our radars were initially developed for mobile military applications and continue to be used on the frontlines to protect elite warfighters. We are the leading supplier of compact surveillance radar (CSR) for the U.S. military. This same technology is also being used in commercial applications around the world. Our mobile solutions are very compact, can be set up and running in about 5 minutes, and are extremely easy to use. They are ideally suited for quick deployments where protection is needed most. 

A few examples of how our mobile kits are used today include:

Military Operations - When quick deployment is critical to gain situational awareness the Spotter Tactical Kit is the best solution. 

Substations – Quick deployment and rotating coverage between sites 

Construction Sites – Protect equipment and move the kit as your construction site evolves; no infrastructure needed

Quick Response Coverage – Monitor hotspots and prevent repeat attacks after incidents

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Spotter Global’s Tactical Mobile Kit

Spotter Global’s Tactical Mobile Kit is a compact, lightweight radar system designed for quick deployment, setup and operation. It is field tested and can stand alone without access to the internet of other infrastructure. The kit was made to be easy to setup and operate in the field without lots of training or previous experience. The kit can offer situational awareness beyond 1 KM utilizing a sophisticated compact radar, long lasting battery that can be solar charged, a rugged computer and tripod. All that can fit into a small lightweight backpack.

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Mobile XL

Our Mobile XL kit was designed for mobile counter-drone applications and can be used in combination with ground radar to provide protection against air and surface threats. Capable of mounting a dual-head camera and up to 8 radars with precise (1°) pitch adjustments, the Mobile XL increases situational awareness up to 360° while taking less than 10 minutes to deploy.

Mobile Solutions Specifications

Our mobile solutions are very compact, can be set up and running in about 5 minutes, and are extremely easy to use.

Download: Tactical Datasheet Mobile Solutions.  

A Rapid & Simple Set-Up Program

 Spotter Global Rapid Mobile Surveillance System: Hosted in the cloud with a simple set-up and a lease program with an operational budget.

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 Spotter Mobile Surveillance for Critical Infrastructure, Hospitals, Distribution Centers, Governments, and Borders.