Artificial Intelligence

SPOTTERai Automatic Track Classification predicts the target type, identifying and reducing false alarms.

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NetworkedIO with SPOTTERai

SPOTTERai is an automatic track classification included as part of the NIO software that ensures a trainable neural network. Based on low-level radar data, it automatically assigns a classification type and confidence level for each target. The use of AI and Machine Learning in the NIO assists in reducing false alarms, and allows end-users to improve the performance of the system simply by manually selecting the type of targets being tracked and retraining the AI.

Reduce False Alarms

“The AI classifier and trainer are an excellent tool to further reduce false alarms and reduce the workload on the operator. After the operator manually classifies 30 tracks or more of at least two different types the AI is able to differentiate between those types, such as between cars and people or birds and drones with confidence that increases as more tracks are classified”, said Logan Harris, Founder of Spotter.

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Intelligence & Machine Tracking

SPOTTERai is automatic target classification based on artificial intelligence (AI) achieved by site-specific machine learning (ML). Using a neural network, it knows if the target you are tracking is a person, vehicle, animal, drone, and other subjects all without using a camera.

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Spotter is always looking into the future in drone detection radars and surveillance radar systems.